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Liviu Berbece Inspires Elegance, Class

Gloria Agency brings glory to its cam models, with luxurious camming amenities, not to mention stellar training. And leading the team behind the camming curtain is none other than administrative director Liviu Berbece, whose dedication to creating “people value” is matched only by his pioneering ambitions.
Recruiting top-notch talent, both in front of the camera and within the company itself, Berbece infuses the workplace with cheerful optimism and clearly communicated goals.
He knows the importance of finding individuals who burn with the same degree of passion he has for Gloria Agency, lest any cog in the great wheel slow down forward-marching progress.
As revenues soar and the Romanian camming biz takes notice, Berbece is riding a wave of exciting momentum. To catch fire, from the sparks this administrative director is flinging with impish glee, XBIZ sat down for this exclusive interview.


XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background before you started working in the camming industry.

BERBECE: Before joining this amazing industry, I was part of a worldwide leader in the tobacco industry for seven years, where I had different roles in sales, marketing and events departments. Having this experience and the extraordinary need to embrace challenge, I felt that this new industry fits like a glove.


XBIZ: What led you to begin managing Gloria Agency?

BERBECE: There were several criteria that made me make this choice — first of all, that I had the opportunity to do what I liked, and to apply all the knowledge accumulated in the last seven years of my professional life. I have seen everything as a great challenge and the fact that I can share a lot of my previous experience in a totally different area, of which I knew almost zero, was what made me decide instantly. I have a great team, we are very focused on the results and being their leader has been a very positive experience.


XBIZ:  Describe your role at Gloria Agency — what are your main responsibilities? What is your management style?


I am not a manager of a location, nor am I a manager of a studio. I am a manager of a team and my role is to provide the best version of myself, in order to foster a great relationship with my teammates and reach what we aim for.

My main vision is to embrace challenges. These days, the challenge is to create, not just take what is there. Create “people value.” Create a system. Create a future. Create a path. Create a way of thinking. We agree that it is very important to have a well-structured way of working, since we are continuously evolving and expanding, so in all our locations and departments we have an established system of procedures. We’re also starting to be more oriented in recruiting experienced management people with a strong background in mainstream business. Our approach also centers on improving the business via specific key performance indicators (KPIs).


XBIZ: How does Gloria Agency recruit new models?

BERBECE: Bringing new models to our locations is as necessary for us as paying our bills is. It’s a complex process and we never keep our eggs in the same basket, instead using many channels. We work a lot on brand awareness and with all we have to offer, we influence potential new models to choose Gloria Agency.

Our growing popularity is due to our professionalism, top quality expertise and know-how, as well as the latest equipment, exclusive locations, utter devotion, hard work, strong partnerships and generous revenues. We offer our models up to 65 percent from their sales.

We allow the facts and figures to speak for themselves, and the most important tool that we use is to avoid fake marketing. Who are we? We are pioneers, brand creators for more than seven studios, a professional team with more than 100 people behind cameras growing with us and visionaries, as we seek global recognition. Last but not least, we are a powerful money-making machine for our models, with a drive for growth and development. All of this attracts more models to join our team.


XBIZ: Talk about the services that Gloria Agency provides to cam models, to help them grow their business.

BERBECE: The first step towards their development as models is choosing Gloria Agency, which gives them the opportunity to have independence and a sense of absolute control over their destiny. The attention to detail, sophistication and luxury we offer can be inferred from the exclusive location Gloria Agency created for its models. Elegant, tasteful, classical and yet modern, the studio fulfills all their desires and wishes, while being a good fit for many personality types.

Each room offers one of the many sides a woman has: the so-called innocent, the pure, the childish, the elegant, the sassy, the funny, the dark, the sexy, the old-fashioned, the modern, the mysterious, etc., each allowing the models to express their ever-evolving “me.


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