What we offer

What We Offer

   In addition to the benefits already mentioned on the site, it is important to know that Gloria Agency helps you to relax and smile on our video chat studio and gives you financial support from the first day of work.
     After the first 3 days of collaboration, in which we will evaluate your English knowledge, the level of involvement and seriousness you give at work, we will offer you:

venit garantat1. Percentage up to 65% and we guarantee a high income. ⇢ read more
"You must constantly try to climb very high if you want to be able to see very far." - Constantin Brancusi


confidentialitate2. Safety and confidentiality. ⇢ read more
"The future is very interesting to me. It's where I'm going to spend my next years." - Woody Allen


plata bilunara3. Bimonthly payment. ⇢ read more
“Sometimes you are successful ... and sometimes you learn." - Robert Kiyosak


imaginea ta4. We invest in your image starting with your first day. ⇢ read more
Colors, clothes and makeup all express and say something about you." - Gene Simmons


training5. Training. ⇢ read more
"The most important thing is not to stop asking questions. Curiosity has its own rationality to exist." -  Albert Einstein.


bonus recomandare6. Referral bonus. ⇢ read more
“The most noble search is the quest for excellence." -  Lyndon B. Johnson


imprumut7. Loan for aesthetic surgery or other investments. ⇢ read more
"Sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.” - Dalai Lama


sustinere8. Financial support for personal needs, your first car or house. ⇢ read more
Fix your goals. We help you touch them!" - Gloria Agency


promovare9. Videochat Studio Promotion = Personal Pages, Paid Traffic, and Other Promotional Methods Guarantee Your Success. ⇢ read more
“The most noble search is the quest for excellence." - Lyndon B. Johnson


ce oferim    

    At Gloria Agency we perfectly combine professionalism, human qualities and performance. Each of these leads us, as an agency and team, to exceptional results. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more models contact us for a collaboration.

    Our promise to you, my dear, is that no matter  in what moment of your life you are here, you will succeed to have a new beginning, here you will know the people who give 100% to you transform your life forever in a positive way.

    Our past experience, as part of the AVC Group, lies at the heart of our values. What Gloria Agency brings to today is that you will be an independent model with the support of a professional team. We recommend that you follow each section of our site and discover yourself the common values ​​that we have.

    Then we invite you to meet us or to rediscover, to talk and decide together, if online is what suits you, and how to get the most out of this opportunity. 

    Do not hesitate! We are here to support you in any decision you make, and together we will develop a new beginning. 

Find out how much money you can earn

We invite you to calculate your gain - how many hours do you want to work a day?

A work program between 4-6 hours can bring a win starting with 2000 Lei / month A work program between 6-8 hours can bring a win starting with 3000 Lei / month A work program over 8 hours can bring a win starting with 5800 Lei / month

Let's talk in order to provide you with all the information you need!

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