Franchise System

Want to have a business of your own?


A successful recipe is a business franchise. The advantages of a franchise are given by the studios situated under the umbrella of Gloria Agency brand, which is backed by a group of studios that were among the first on the market, and which have assumed the risks and now offers you the chance to participate in a business that has already proven successful.


What we offer?


Through our franchise system business in videochat, providing all necessary information, procedures, help in recruiting staff, customized training programs tailored to this area, and developing your managerial knowledge and skills will pave the way to success.

This business has developed a lot so far but the lack of relevant experience and people routines, as in any other business, can result in a less expected result compared to investments made.

Choosing to be affiliated to franchise Gloria Agency you will have the advantage of operating a prestigious brand, to get together in a competitive market using marketing techniques work and improved over time, and with a high degree of profitability.


Choosing to be our partner you will have access to know-how from the best professionals in the videochat at this time and you can be assured that your business is on the right track.


Some advantages that can lead to opt for a business franchise with Gloria Agency: 

  • Safety a transparent way of working, legal, full of professionalism, fast and elegant, as quite rarely find a place elsewhere;
  • Profit within 6 months of opening;
  • Recovery of the investment after the first year;
  • Average monthly profit of about 25% in constant turnover / year.


Involvement in your business, follow rules and procedures are essential to achieve the major goals that you have set them with this investment.
No need to have experience in videochat, you will benefit from all the successfull secrets of Gloria Agency brand by becoming our franchise.


It is only important to have a minimum experience of teamwork, to really want to learn and gain leadership skills and have a business.

You will receive:

  • Advice in choosing and arranging the studio by an architect with an extensive background in this field;
  • Business plan built on your investment type;
  • Support the recruitment and training of staff, and your initiation for management skills;
  • Permanent support in maintaining good cooperation with collaborating sites that we already have a personalized relationship and regular meetings with the entrepreneurs of all studios in the country to share experiences and everything is new in this field;
  • Internal procedures manual, defined after our expertise in 14 years;
  • Training manual for models that led to the formation of professionals;
  • Ongoing support and advice in recruiting models


Find out how much money you can earn

We invite you to calculate your gain - how many hours do you want to work a day?

A work program between 4-6 hours can bring a win starting with 2000 Lei / month A work program between 6-8 hours can bring a win starting with 3000 Lei / month A work program over 8 hours can bring a win starting with 5800 Lei / month

Let's talk in order to provide you with all the information you need!

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