Adult Videochat vs. Non Adult.

30 September, 2016 | 16676 Views

    This section was created to explain the difference in Adult Videochat and Non-Adult Videochat.

    You will find information about each category but as a conclusion we consider that:

1. Non-Adult Videochat is a category where the less extroverted, shy girls generally want to discover other qualities than those they already know.
2.  Adult Videochat is a category for confident girls in their own strengths, sometimes with more experience in the field.

aznon-adult   Non-Adult videochat implies, for the most part, conversation, but it also includes sensual moves. Anyone who had or has a life partner knows that sensuality is a powerful weapon for women. Men love mysterious, tangled and challenging women, so you can also include sensual moves when you're online. This category does not imply nudity, relying solely on the art of conversation, good mood and sensuality.

   If you're an introvert person, you'll be glad to find that Nonadult Videochat offers you the opportunity to improve your communication and persuasion skills, and in the same time earning money.

   Although videochat is a domain for confident girls, with a lot of attitude, the NonAdult section is the category in which the less extroverted, less timid girls generally want to discover other qualities than those they know already.

   In the Nonadult videochat you do not need to have experience, but you need to know English at least on average, because paid sessions (private) are based on 80% on conversation, and the rest 20% on the image.

    Non-Adult videochat sites are a videochat school where the basic notions of any online chat model are taught, such as: how to enhance your image, how to have a impeccable image, how to attract a member in the conversation without having a lot of means on your disposal, how to keep him in private for a longer time without getting to nudity, how to play an active and attractive conversation, how to attract other members to private while you are already in paid session on another site, generally how to be constant in traffic and earnings.

    If you start the online chat model in the non-Adult videochat category, when you move to the Adult category, you will be ready for sites with high complexity from the first month.


    The Adult videochat, unlike the Non-Adult, reaches a higher level of nudity and eroticism, but no one will force you to do things you are not willing to do. The adult videochat category is based mainly on image, femininity, conversation, sensuality and especially seriousness. The image is a very important detail in your development as a successful model.

    As in everyday life, it is the first impact on your interlocutor, which is why you have to give your video camera (clothing, makeup, hairstyle) a great deal of importance. Gloria Agency trainers will help and guide you whenever you need 

    Conversations with members are in most cases pleasant, but like in any other job, you will meet different temperaments. That is why the way you express yourself must be one of your main strengths. Diplomacy, courtesy, good mood and the art of conversation are the qualities of a successful online chat model, regardless of the category in which it works.

    Most members who are on such sites come to relax. That's why we believe that first of all you have to be a entertainer and then a videochat model. Here you will find people interested only in your person, but also in conversation and curious to find out more about your femininity and sexuality.

    Seriousness will help you increase your earnings over time, which is why we are very proud to respect the flexible program you choose. The program is 8 hours just to be able to trust your members and to go deep in discussions with them.

    We give you 3 possible shifts, daily intervals, from which you can choose. After a certain amount of time and you see what is everything about, you will prefer a certain working time interval, which is our recommendation too so that site members will meet you on your schedule.


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