What does the Chat Model job mean?

1 October, 2016 | 26918 Views

az1    The activity of a video chat model is the transmission of live images and dialogue between the model and more people from different countries via the internet and a high-performance video camera. The content of the show or of the dialogue between the model and members, people accessing these sites, is strictly the imagination of every model.

    Addressing different themes, whether non-erotic, non-adult (psychology, politics, fashion, personal life, etc.) or erotic (adult), can bring you significant financial earnings. Members who access your page and choose you as the one they want to talk about, pay a sum of money per minute of conversation, the price being different from site to site.


    To find out more about what the online chat job means, we invite you to an interview.

   What does the interview mean?

    At the interview you will talk to Oana, the manager of Gloria Agency. You will know from the start, what the benefits are and what can Gloria Agency offer you. To be even more open, we've created a presentation video, where Elena, along with Oana, shows you the "Hiring Process." Oana and Elena, the people in the video are real people you will meet from the very first day of your collaboration.

   Once Oana shows you the location and the benefits we offer, you can ask any questions you want and find out what benefits the online chat job can offer. In fact, the interview means a lot more, it's actually a free talk in which Oana tells you everything from A to Z about the chat.
    In the end, you will set up a day together to speak on the phone to confirm it or not, if you collaborate or you can give an answer on the spot, it is your choice.

Find out how much money you can earn

We invite you to calculate your gain - how many hours do you want to work a day?

A work program between 4-6 hours can bring a win starting with 2000 Lei / month A work program between 6-8 hours can bring a win starting with 3000 Lei / month A work program over 8 hours can bring a win starting with 5800 Lei / month

Let's talk in order to provide you with all the information you need!

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