Welcome back, girls!

1 August, 2019 | 903 Views

The first thing we noticed since the girls returned is the contagious energy! They have a fresh vibe because they had the opportunity to visit a place many only dreamt off, to have various activities and recharge altogether.

It was an amazing vacation that mixed successfully new and exciting experiences. Our models enriched themselves with a lot of new stories, memories and a new perspective on things; which validates that our vacation was a total success.

The TOP 3 MIAMI ADVENTURES that the Gloria Agency models made, include the following special moments:

Going to the alligator farm in Florida was truly groundbreaking. The models described the experience as unique since it was the first time they were so close to these animals and they learned so much about the habitat. The airboat trip in the natural reservation Everglade was also an experience new and exciting for the girls. They enjoyed the natural fauna, the ride and the amazing feeling of doing something you can't do every day.

We planned an incredible helicopter ride over Miami. The skyscrapers, the view, the beaches and the ocean were breathtaking for the models.

The third groundbreaking moment was Pedro Capo’s concert. The ‘Calma’ hit singer was invited in one of the most exclusive clubs in Miami, Liv. His performance was uplifting, and the girls sang, danced and partied until the sunrise.

Our vacation wasn't all about these activities, the girls having their own schedule that they filled with relaxing on the beach, eating the most delicious cheat-foods, clubbing and of course, countless shopping sessions!

We enjoyed 10 days that were unique one from the other, and we are already planning the next one! If you want to join the squad that will go with Gloria Agency in the United States of America, apply for an interview by texting on the website chat or calling 0729.330.330 (WhatsApp too).

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