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Your dream is our mission! This is not only our slogan, it's a truth we base our work on. That's why anytime a Gloria Agency model outdoes herself, and her earnings are growing we want to celebrate her success. Reyna is our colleague who managed to earn in only 2 weeks $17.000!

To become a TOP MODEL, a girl has to highlight her creativity, to be professional, charismatic, and listen to the trainer's advice. The TOP EARNINGS can be reached only if the model is involved and has experiences, that's why any model working with Gloria Agency can access the best resources to win.

Because we want you to know Reyna even better, we asked her a few questions:

Q: Hi Reyna! Congratulations on your success! For how long have you been collaborating with Gloria Agency?

A: Thank you so much! I've been working for 2 years.

Q: Which is the biggest amount you've ever earned?

A: 17.000$

Q: How do you feel after you broke your personal record?

A: Incredibile! Of course each success I have is bringing me closer to achieving my dreams

Q: What would be your recommendation for a new chat model?

A: I think a new model should acknowledge the importance of hard work, persevere in her work and be patient. 

Q:  What would your advice be for a girl who wants to start working in the chat industry?

A: First of all I'd tell her to dream. She has to set her goals and work day after day for those goals.

Q: What are the qualities a TOP MODEL should have in your opinion?

A: I will start with having self esteem - which I value the most - and developing her communication skills, being confident and having a good sense of humor.

Q: What are your plans in maintaining yourself on the top?

A: I've always been the type of person who fights for her dreams, and from now on I will do the same! Being confident in my own strength and abilities helped me break the limits. I will continue working hard to break my own record!

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  1. Lili Lili

    15 Aug 2019

    Te-am vazut pe site si sa stii ca te urmaresc foarte mult, esti un exemplu pentru noi, speram sa nu te schimbi. Felicitari echipei tale si daca o sa ajung in Bucuresti, la voi am sa vin, sunteti cei mai tari!

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