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originalitate1    The originality of our business is one of the advantages that guarantees the success. The originality is shown in the benefits we offer to the ones that are part of our team. Every year we try to innovate this area through last hour technologies, permanent trainings and professionalism.

    If 12 years ago we were dreaming to assure personal training for every model, in 2016 this situation is a normal one in our company. Our models win up to 65% from the incomings.

    Between 2014- 2015 we started our pilot company named Gloria agency. And today is one of the most stable and respectful company from video-chatting business in Romania. What makes us different from the other companies is the concept of agency around which is the business build. This means that you are not our employee, you collaborate with us, meaning you are an independent model.

    What’s the meaning of that?

program    The working hours, the schedule is one of the important things, the key of success. So, after discussing it with over 100 models we found the flexible schedule: ⇢ read more

money    The income represents the main motivation in accepting a job. The higher it increases, the higher are the working hours and the pleasure which you work with. In Gloria Agency, the incomes start from 500$, your money and it can go up to $5000, $10.000, $15.000, $20.000, or even more. But you can have all this by working, working, and again working… team working!

    A lot of companies promise you incomings of over 5000 Ron, even over 5000$ -10000$, right? These promises are not necessary false but getting this amount of money depends on the team you are working with, on your level of English, on your seriousness, on your involvement and your availability of respecting the working hours. We can help you in order to be successful.

    The Gloria Agency model must be:

vazut  Ambitious and have a well-established target. read more

ok  Open for discussions. ⇢ read more

ok  Pays attention to details.  ⇢ read more

    We believe that these 3 qualities are the ones that you can find in every woman. Gloria Agency will help you to improve them.

beneficii    Benefits:

    The first step is to find out what site suits you well and which one is the safest. So that’s why we consider that choosing the site must be a priority for you. Once you decided on the site you want to work with, you can start to show off your qualities which will help you in your career.

    Each site has its own rules, and to be one of the best there you have to know it by heart. Knowing more information will help you increase your incomings. Information means power! What sites are we working with? ⇢ read more

bonusuri    Bonuses:

    We want to specify that we do not give bonuses to the new models from our team, these bonuses are about performance. What do we offer? ⇢ read more

    We dare to call it “The Smiles Factory” because from the beginning, this job generated thousands of smiles, helping models to know and accomplish their dreams, to prove their potential, to increase their competences, of course all these with our continuous support. Dare and discover how this job is a pleasant one, captivating, the only one that triggers your personality and your qualities, full of rewards and incomings more than satisfying.

  We accomplish small desires and big ideals!

  A phone, a laptop, training courses, all of this can be yours starting from the first month. Paying them off will be through monthly payments from your salary, with no interest or any additional costs.


Tell us your desires and Gloria agency will guide you morally and financially.

    A loan for plastic surgery or other acquisitions? ⇢ read more

ok  First car?  ⇢ read more

ok  First house? ⇢ read more

ok First business? ⇢ read more




Hi, I m Oana, Gloria’s Agency manager, with over 12 years experience in this team. Over time I have met models that earned great incomings starting from their first month, others that earned great amount of money after 5-6 months of experience, but also models that never earned more than 1000$ no matter how hard we tried. On the outside, I realized that  the models that earned more money had in common two things MOTIVATION AND SELF TRUST.  I’ve met a lot of models that told me:  Oana I came here to earn money and that is exactly what happened! In just one or two months they reached 3000$, and after a year they reached 5000$-10000$ monthly income. Working in this area is pretty simple, but you have to be serious, dedicated, hard working and professional.

Girls, to drop a conclusion, if you want this job to be profitable, first thing that you have to discover is what motivates you. After knowing this, the sky is the limit!”.


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We invite you to calculate your gain - how many hours do you want to work a day?

A work program between 4-6 hours can bring a win starting with 2000 Lei / month A work program between 6-8 hours can bring a win starting with 3000 Lei / month A work program over 8 hours can bring a win starting with 5800 Lei / month

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